Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lots of investigators named Maria

Hello Everybody!
This week was another great week!
We continued to do a lot of teaching this week. We added a new lady named Maria Ramos who cleans houses for a lot of members and she's really great! She understands everything really well and the importance of it.  Her husband is catholic and works all week so we can't ever talk to him.  They drive all the way to Sacramento to go to church every week which is different because most people can't even take an hour out of their day to go to church and they plan their weekend around it. I'm excited to teach her more.
We didn't get to teach Jose and Fabiola until Saturday night but they had lots of questions.  They loved everything at church the week before and wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  The one thing that Fabiola didn't like was that in the 2nd hour they talked more about Joseph Smith than God.  It was ironic because the lesson was about "the gospel of Jesus Christ" and I don't remember Joseph Smith's name being mentioned once. We will keep teaching them though.
We had a tough lesson with Maria (but not Antonio) this week, it kind of turned into an argument.  She doesn't believe that any man can see God and so we read Moses 33:11 and she still didn't budge.  Then we moved on to the end of Revelations that said "and he who shall add or take away from the book of this prophecy shall be cursed".  Most people use that as an argument against the Book of Mormon but they don't understand that it is just referring to the Book of Revelations, not the whole Bible, because plenty of books in the Bible were written after that, it just so happens to be that someone decided that THAT particular one would be the last in the order.  Also it says the same thing in Deuteronomy so if it were true almost the whole Bible would be void.  She didn't budge on that either.  Then we talked about lots of other things and Maria didn't want to listen to our testimonies.  We're hoping to keep teaching them and that the Spirit will soften her heart.
Maria Preciado was progressing nicely and was going to come to church but then got sick again on Sunday.
We are going to start teaching Lupita (the sister of the Rodriguez family) and her family again.  Lupita's husband almost got fired because he was way too drunk and sick to work this week so he has changed a little bit and we're hoping it's enough to open him up to the gospel.  More to come on that next week.
Saturday was California's Mormon Helping hands day so we got to go be a part of that and it was a lot of fun. The English ward we're a part of went to do a lot of landscaping at a local middle school and we helped a lot with that.  It was great to be a part of the Mormon helping hands group!
Yesterday the mom of the family we had dinner with asked me how long I had been on my mission.  After I told her about 15 months and asked why she told me "I can tell, it sounds like you have a Spanish accent when you talk".  I thought that was an interesting comment.  My English isn't as good now because I had to erase a lot of it to make room for Spanish in my head.  At least the Spanish is doing really well!
Things are continuing to go well here and we are looking forward to more fun and spiritual experiences in the weeks to come!
Les Quiero Mucho
Elder Gaskill

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