Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hello Everyone!
This last week went really well.
We started to teach a family called the Tejeda family last week and we got to sit down with them and have a great lesson this week.  The wife knows the Bible really well and the husband is a great guy but doesn't know too much about the Bible.  It was really fun to teach them about the restoration because we kept asking them if they understood everything and if they had any questions. The wife would always say she didn't understand too well and the husband would turn to her and say "this is how I understood it... is that right?" and he always understood everything perfectly.  It was amazing to see how the soil the seed is planted in makes all the difference, just as the Savior said.  The lady who thought she knew a lot already and didn't need much more didn't get it but the one who was all ears and listening with the spirit planted the seed of faith deep into his heart.  We didn't get to teach them the second half of the week because we couldn't get a hold of them but they loved everything and had lots of questions for us.
We are also continuing to teach Maria and she is getting closer and closer.  This past week we talked about the priesthood because she has received blessings by missionaries in the past and been healed miraculously.  We talked about how the priesthood is only held by God's authorized servants which he invests to those worthy in His church and she made the connection that The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS must be true because it has the priesthood of God.  She told us she fears what will happen because the rest of her family is Catholic and she wants to read more of the Book of Mormon but we are still working with her and trying to get her to come to church so she can get closer and closer.
This weekend Jose and Fabiola (the relatives of the Rodriguez family) came to church!  They are the 3rd group of investigators besides Heriberta and her family to come to the Spanish group in the last 6 months to 1 year so we were very excited about that.  It's hard to teach them because Jose works in San Francisco during the week but we had a miracle with them this past Saturday. The Rodriguez family had a bbq and invited us over.  We wanted them to invite their family so we could try to teach them.  When they got there they said they weren't able to reach them by phone, but right before we started to eat they showed up anyway.  They said, "We were coming home and thought we would stop by (the Rodriguiz's new place) since we haven't seen it yet" so they stayed and we got to talk to them and make sure they were coming to church.  We're excited to keep teaching them.
The work continues to progress here and we are excited to be a part of it.  We've heard plenty about what's going on in the world and I'm very content to be focused on what's truly important and bringing that to people's lives than seeing and hearing about the bad choices others are making as the days and years begin to wind down...
I hope everyone is well and continues to share the gospel wherever they may be!

Les Quiero,
Elder Gaskill

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