Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Going to Galt!

Hello Everyone!
This has been another great week! The big news of this week is transfers.  Last night we got our transfer calls and I am leaving El Dorado Hills.  I am now going to......GALT! I'm going back to the Lodi branch to serve in the Galt area.  I'm so excited! When I was there last we were the only two elders in the branch but now we have 4 elders and 2 sisters there.  The Lodi area is getting split into half elders and half sisters and we will be covering Galt by ourselves.  I am so happy to be going back.  The day I got the call to leave Lodi I wasn't sad because I felt like I was coming back to Galt sometime and the members told me the same thing.  Now it's becoming a reality! I'm sad to leave Elder Russell but he will be in good hands with Elder Harrison here in El Dorado.  Elder Guzman is going to be my Zone Leader in Lodi (he only has 1 transfer left before he goes home) so I'm happy to be with him.  I can't wait to see lots of familiar faces in the branch again!
We had 3 miracles this week in our area.  First, we got a call from a lady who lives in El Dorado Hills (the Folsom stake which we also cover).  She said she has a family that they want us to teach that live close to them and that they are good friends with.  The husband of the family is from Brazil and is married to a lady from Nicaragua.  She only speaks Spanish but he speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and English.  The husband works for DirecTV and works with a lot of Mormons and is really interested and knows a lot already.  The mother of the Nicaraguan lady actually is being taught by the missionaries in Nicaragua and is in the area visiting. The family went to a primary program last year and loved it.  The mom wants her kids to grow up in the church so that her son entering middle school can have some good friends. They are a golden family that will be baptized in the next month but it looks like Elders Russell and Harrison will be taking care of that.
We brought the Less Active/Part Member Family (Villanueva) to mutual this past week.  The kids loved it and now the mom (who's not a member) said she will take her kids every week.  She is going to stay and help us teach the English class while her kids are at mutual (we're applying the principles from "The Everyday Missionary" by inviting her to serve/teach).  The mom told us she wants to get the whole family coming back to church again as well! They didn't come last week because the mom had to take a certification test for her job but they will start coming next week.  They are coming to a few activities that will be going on in the near future as well.
Our most progressing investigator (Maria Preciado) also had a breakthrough this past week.  It's kind of hard to explain but you could see a major difference in her.  She is really excited to meet the Rodriguez and Villanueva families and then start coming to church.  She is probably moving to Mexico for the summer but she wants us to find the closest church to her so she can go every week and get her kids in Mexico to go with her.  She will probably be yet another investigator of mine that gets baptized in Mexico.  That will be OK with me as long as it happens and I stay in touch with her and the missionaries down there.
That's all the time I have today, hope everyone has a great week!
Les Quiero Mucho!
Elder Gaskill

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  1. Hey Elder Gaskil! Your letters remind me of my old Anaheim days many moons ago. You seem as though you are loving your mission, as I did mine. The People and members of California are so great, and their testimonies are so very strong! As you know, there is no work more satisfying and wonderful than that of a missionary. To do His work is to serve Him. Emily is leaving to Knoxville Tennessee in August (right after the MTC of course). We love you and pray that the Lord may continue to provide you with people to teach and to bring unto the Fold. May He guide and protect you and your fellow missionaries, is my prayer. All our Love.. Uncle Marty Crapo