Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great to be back

Hello Everyone!
This week was great! It feels great to be back in the branch in Lodi. This week we went to visit a lot of members and all of them had to do a double take when they saw me again.  A lot of members got big-eyed, closed the door, and then opened it again to see if it was really me.  It was funny.  It felt like coming home and it was great to see that so many members missed me and were happy to see me come back.  I haven't seen Jovita & Juan yet since they get home from Florida today.  The Diaz family went to Mexico, but I got to see Jorge Guzman and I was so happy to see him.  The Ortega family also moved from Lodi to Galt so they're in my area and I get to see them a lot which I'm happy about.  The Mendoza family is less active  already.  Apparently there has been a lot of drama going on in the ward and so the Mendoza family is back into their previous bad habits.  I hope we can help them come back.  The area is really tough and when I came in they didn't have a single investigator.  Now we have a handful and we have a really promising family that we're going to start teaching this week (more to come in next week's email).
There's not too much to report but I'll tell you about the few investigators we have:
We found a guy named Sam who is Catholic and really interested in learning about the differences in our church.  He is very sincere and loves learning and is excited for us to teach him.  He works out of town a lot so we only have small time windows to teach him but he is really cool.
We found a kid named Alex who is a Sophomore in high school that we will also be teaching.  We knocked on his door and he was interested in learning more.  His faith in God is a little bit shaky but he loved us and is really excited to learn more.
We have a 19 year old girl named Valeria that we found once and she likes reading the scriptures and learning more but she's really hard to get a hold of.
We're also teaching the neighbor of a member named Yerica.  We're teaching her tonight so I don't really know anything about her.

I'll also say a little bit more about my companion.  His name is Elder Sempf.  He's from Wisconsin and he's a really awesome missionary.  Elder Torres was training him when I left Elk Grove so we got to know each other then but haven't seen each other for a while.  He's an athletic guy; a wrestler in high school.  His Spanish has gotten a lot better since I saw him last too!  We get along really well and are really excited for this transfer!
That's about all I've got this week.
Les Quiero Mucho,
Elder Gaskill

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