Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sweating Buckets in 100+ degree heat

Hello Everyone!
This week was a great one as are they all.
The most recent news is our transfers. Sadly Elder Sempf is leaving to go to the Sacramento 7th Branch which is great.  My new companion will be Elder Idzo (Elder Russell's MTC companion).  Elder Russell (although this is only his 4th transfer) is a senior companion and is follow-up training an Elder who is 6 weeks younger than him in the mission in Rancho Cordova! I'm so excited for him; he is really a great missionary.  Elder Guzman is going home which is sad but Elder Torres is taking his place (another good friend in the mission).
Our week went really well.  We have 2 families that we started teaching that live out in the little city of Thornton.  They know Hermano Ku (our ward mission leader) and really enjoyed the two lessons we shared with them.  They were really interested and loved everything we shared with them.  Unfortunately they didn't come to church because they chose to go to the mall instead but we will be sure to talk about a commandment God gave us about keeping the sabbath day holy (:
The other family we have is the Vasquez-Acampo family.  We just happened to find them and the husband was really interested and let us in and we taught him.  It turns out the missionaries taught them about 10 years ago.  He said they went to church, the temple in Oakland, and he really loved it.  He told us his wife doesn't really like it because she heard that members have to have 7 wives.  She wouldn't sit down and talk with us so we just taught the dad and his 15 year old son Daniel.  We went back later in the week with a member and had another great lesson.... until the very end.  We were committing the dad and the son to come to church when the mom walked in, rolled her eyes, and yelled: "Jesus, that's what you want, don't speak for us! I already told you the first time that I didn't like them.  And if you want to continue with them then I'm going to leave you!" Not what you want to hear.  There wasn't a whole lot more we could do because they needed to communicate better as a family but they said they were going to all talk about it and before the next time we meet, so we'll have to go back in the next few days and see how things played out.
It's been really hot here, usually gets up to about 110 every day.  We're well used to sweating all day, even the mornings/evenings when it's only 90s.  I love it though! I feel like through small sacrifices like this one the Lord will see the love we have for Him and our brothers and sisters and bless us with success in this work!
I hope everyone has a great week!
Les Quiero Mucho!
Elder Gaskill

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