Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Heart Attacked"

Hello Everyone,
I hope all is well wherever you may be. Things are going great here.

The only big thing going on here is with the Barajas family. We kept teaching them this week. They had a lot of questions about the Priesthood because it was mentioned a lot in church and in the baptism so we got to talk a lot more about that and teach them about the gospel of Jesus Christ as well. They came to church yesterday as well and seemed to like it. The 9 year old daughter Adriana came as well and seemed to like it. I was a little worried about them because the 2 speakers were a high council rep (with a very bad Spanish accent) and the branch president (who has decent Spanish but not nearly as good as a native) the other 2 hours were great though and the Spirit is always there so I let God take charge of everything. They went and had dinner with the Ku family after church as well and I hope things went well there. We were able to talk to the dad this week in one of the lessons. We talked about soccer for an hour to get acquainted and then he stayed to listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He shared his opinions and doesn't seem really open to listen and try things out but he seems to be OK with the rest of his family progressing in the gospel. We also challenged the original 3 to be baptized on August 10th. They were a little hesitant because they think it's really soon but they are willing to work towards it. After church on Sunday we gave them "firm calendars" that will help them read & pray on a daily basis and come to church every week so that they will be ready for baptism on that day. I love this family so much and I always am worried about something happening to them and am thinking about them and praying for them all day. Keep them in your prayers at home!

We also had a cool experience with the Cardona family (members). They have a great aunt in town from El Salvador and about a week ago she had a stroke. She was in a hospital near San Francisco on life support. On Wednesday night they were going to take her off life support so they wanted missionaries to give her a blessing before they took her off. I spent about an hour on the phone trying to get ahold of Spanish missionaries and branch presidency members out there and finally about 10:00 pm some Spanish missionaries got there to give the blessing. The next day we found out that when they took her off the life support, she didn't pass away, but started recuperating! She started moving her limbs, and after about 24 hours she could sit up, talk, and eat. The doctors were amazed and they say she's even going to be able to walk again (this lady is about 90 years old and had a stroke that initially paralyzed half her body). The power of the priesthood is real! We were really a part of this miracle, we just found the missionaries contact information and they did the rest. It was great to hear about that miracle as well though.

Something funny also happened on Friday night. At about 10:30pm the doorbell rang and I thought we were getting "ding-dong-ditched" so I ran to the door but realized I wasn't properly dressed so I had to throw some clothes on real quick. I ran out the door and started looking for people down the street and couldn't find anyone. My companion came out and realized there were cut out hearts all over the door with our names on them. I guess we got "heart-attacked" I've never heard of that before but it was kind of cool. We'll have to get our members back though (:

Well it was a great week and we're looking forward to more miracles in the coming weeks.

Les Quiero!

Elder Gaskill

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