Monday, June 24, 2013

Brown Hair

Hello Everyone!
This week was awesome.
One of the highlights was that we convinced the two redheads in our house to dye their hair brown.  My companion Elder Sempf has red hair and Elder Williams (an English elder) also has red hair.  We kind of started it as a joke but we convinced them to buy hair dying stuff from Walmart and then we did it Tuesday night when our zone leaders were over.  They look great now, no more red hair! It'll only last for about 4 weeks so Elder Sempf will probably get transferred in a week to a new area and will take his brown hair with him.
Apart from the activities outside of missionary work, the mission part was great as well.
We have been working a lot to help the Mendoza family get active and it seems to be working.  Ana is reading the Book of Mormon and is almost done with Alma, and they have been coming to church again which is great.  We are trying to work with their 18 year old son named Jose who is the only non member in the family and has a few friends that like being around us as well.
We are also working with a guy named Martin who says he was baptized about 15 years ago in England but we can't get ahold of his records anywhere.  He doesn't really remember his baptism but remembers his kid's baptisms.  Through a series of tragic events he had to separate himself from his family and doesn't have contact with them anymore and doesn't remember a whole lot of information about them.  We are trying to help him find his records and if not he'll have to get baptized again to make some new ones.
Our ward mission leader brought two young guys that are working with him to church on Sunday.  One of them I know will get baptized named Melvin.  He is 15 and just barely came from Mexico with his mom to work but she goes home in a week and he is staying until September.  He doesn't speak English at all but loved church and wants to learn more.  We are going back to teach him tonight.
There's a lot of potential in the area and we are looking forward to capitalizing upon it.
I hope everybody got to see "The Work of Salvation" yesterday.  That was an awesome presentation that we all need to put in practice.  It really is a marvelous time in the history of the earth that we live in and we need to do all we can to share the gospel with those around us.
I love you all and hope the week goes well!
Elder Gaskill

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