Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Martin's Baptism this Sunday

Hello Everyone!
This week was another great one!
The highlight of this week was with our investigator Martin.  He's going to get baptized next Sunday and we are really excited about that.  He's been taught almost everything, and already had his baptismal interview so he's good to go! We check on him every day to see how things are going and on Saturday we're going over to help him do some electrical work so he doesn't get electrocuted and have anything bad happen the day before his baptism.
The 4th of July was a lot of fun.  We had to have all our meetings and planning sessions for the week on that day.  Then we had a big bbq (they call them "carne asada"s in Spanish) at the sister in law's house of our ward mission leader and that was great.  Afterwards we got together as a zone and played sports for a while.  When we were leaving we noticed that almost the whole northern section of Lodi was shut down for the fireworks show at Lodi Lake.  Most of the big streets were shut down and all the streets were lined with cars and people were all over the place.  It kind of felt like an end of the world movie where nothing is organized and people are going around as if there were no rules anymore.  We had fun making our way through everything to drop the elders off at their house and then return to Galt.  Elder Williams and I climbed up on the roof of our house to watch the smaller-scale fireworks show that the city of Galt puts on at the flea market. I was a little bit sad because the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and I didn't get to enjoy it how I normally would but it was a lot of fun for a missionary!
On Friday we met with  a really cool family that we met with a few weeks ago.  The family had heard the missionaries about a 6 years ago but wasn't interested then.  They went to church once but at that time it was just a small group meeting with a Galt ward and they really didn't like that.  She wanted us to teach her kids.  We went with a member and got to know then and asked what they wanted us to do for them.  They said they wanted us to teach them and get to know more about the Mormon church.  We asked them if they could ask God one question what would it be.  Two of the answers were good but one was funny.  The mom asked how she could know is she was being faithful to what Heavenly Father wanted, and the son asked how he could avoid all the bad things in the world.  The daughter said she would want to ask him if there was really such thing as soul mates.... At least two of them were going in the right direction.  We shared the Restoration with them and they really like it and thought it was interesting.  We're excited to go back and teach them later this week.
After fast Sunday we had two dinners and it made Elder Idso almost puke.  He doesn't eat very much and usually only eats one meal a day so having two dinners was a lot for him.  However we got invited to another dinner (from a lady in Lodi that is one of my favorite cooks) so we couldn't say no.  We had some awesome enchiladas and then went and had dinner with our branch president and his wife.  I'm used to eating a lot when I have to from being here so long but Elder Idso wasn't.  He wanted to make himself throw up after but he decided not to and ended up being fine the rest of the night.
I'll tell a little bit more about my companion Elder Idso.  He's a smaller guy; probably about 5'5".  He's from Gilbert, Arizona and is the 2nd oldest of 5.  He has an older sister serving a mission in Nashville, TN (they reported to the MTC on the same day).  His dad is a scientist and he is an awesome guy.  He's really young, his birthday was actually yesterday and just barely turned 19! He has a great spirit and his Spanish is coming along great.  He's an awesome missionary!
We look forward to having lots more success this week and keeping things going well!
Les Quiero,
Elder Gaskill

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