Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Short Message This Week

Hello Everyone!

I don't have a lot of time this week but I'll write a little bit.

The coolest thing that happened this week was yesterday.  There is a member named Brother Gaum up here who has some really interesting stories from his life.  When he was a missionary he was at correlation one day and while they were saying a prayer angels came and laid there hands on his head and set him apart to go open the missionary work to the Jewish people.  When he opened his eyes everyone else in the room was in shock and told him what had just happened.  The next day his mission president called him and told him that the first presidency of the church had called and that they had received his name by direct revelation to go with the general authorities to open up the work to the Jews.  He was reassigned for the rest of his mission and with a lot of leadership in the church coming up with brochures and training manuals to train missionaries on working with people from the Jewish faith and culture.  The rest of his life has been just about as interesting.  Well anyway some interesting things have been happening to me lately and word got around to him and so he called me up and said he wanted to meet with me.  He gave me a lot of really good advice.  He thinks I will have something big happen in my life soon as it relates to missionary work so we'll see what happens the rest of my mission. It would kind of make sense but I think I'm just a normal missionary.

We have a lot of really good investigators and we are excited to see the work progress here in the El Dorado Hills.  Great things are about to happen I know.

Les Quiero Mucho!
Elder Gaskill

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