Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mendoza Family Baptism

Hello Family!

This week was great!

The highlight of this week was being able to go and see the Mendoza family get baptized back in Lodi! I was really happy to see the branch there again and a lot of good friends.  There were also about 10 missionaries there that had taught the family so I got to see good friends like Elders Martinez, Stone, Hernandez, and thought I was going to see Elder Guzman but he didn't make it for some reason.  The baptism went really great and the Spirit was very strong there.  I was very happy to see Jovita and Juan, the Ortegas, the Cazares, and lots of great people.  I also got an email from Arturo today that made me happy.  He said that he and his family have been going to church down in Ensenada, Mexico! He says the Elders have challenged them to be baptized and they feel like the need a little bit more time to learn before.  He says he keeps telling his parents that they really want me to be able to see the baptism as well as his aunt and her family so there's a possibility that they might even come back to Lodi to get baptized! That would make me so happy. As long as they get baptized that is the important thing but I would be very happy if I could see it firsthand.  I am very happy nonetheless.

The work has been going kind of slow here since there aren't very many Spanish people and we don't really have a Spanish branch or ward to work with but we are doing our best.  It seems that every interested person we find falls through the cracks either because pastors tell them things about the church that aren't true or the husbands/wives of the people we're teaching don't let us do so.  We are trying our best to stay positive and keep working hard so we'll see where it gets us.

We have zone conference this week and that should be really exciting!
This week I met someone from Colorado Springs! She just moved in with her boyfriend out here in Diamond Springs.  She lived in Colorado Springs for 15 years near Bijou downtown working in a factory there.  It was really cool to meet a Spanish person from Colorado Springs because it is the only one out here that I have ever met.

That's all for this week! Hope everyone is doing well!

Les Quiero
Elder Gaskill

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