Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Going to Train a New Missionary!

Hello Everyone,
This week was great and has already come to a close.
The news of the day is transfers.  Elder Fullwood is going to Stockton and I'm going to be training a brand new missionary! I have no idea who he is yet and won't know until tomorrow morning when I go to pick him up.  I'm really excited, but I feel sorry for this missionary that he will have to put up with me and will come into a really tough area.  However, I just plan on pretending like this is a really good area so he will love it.  We'll find out more about who he is next week.
This past week we got some... SNOW! The first time I've been in snow for a while so that was nice.  At the same time it was scary. Elder Fullwood normally drives and he had never seen snow before, let alone driven in it. That was his 3rd time driving in snow and there were only a few scary experiences and I was sweating bullets the whole time but we made it eventually.  As it stopped snowing, our zone leaders texted us and said "I hope Elder Gaskill is driving!".  When I told them I wasn't, they immediately called and told us to pull over and switch drivers. Luckily, Elder Fullwood submitted to their counsel and we made it through the rest of the day safely.  We couldn't get too much work done with all the snow but I was just happy to be in snow!
On Wednesday we ran into a family that I knew from Elk Grove.  They own a bakery in Rancho Cordova but are apparently famous all over the place.  Every Wednesday they come up to the hills to sell bread and they happened to show up while we were talking to one of our investigators.  They remembered me from about 5 months ago and gave us lots of free bread so that was great.
Friday was also a very fun day but not too productive.  We had to take our truck down close to where the mission office is to get the oil changed and the tires changed/rotated and that took a while.  We ran into a couple other missionaries from other parts of the mission and it was great to see them.  There are a few missionaries who are here waiting on their Visa's to come in so they can go to Mendoza, Argentina (where Troy is).  I told them all to say hi to him for me if they ever run into him.  When we finally finished, it was lunchtime so we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to get lunch since it's my favorite restaurant and there are not very many in the mission.  We walked in and sat down and I looked over at the T.V. and there happened to be a college gymnastics meet on.  After careful examination, I noticed that it was between Kentucky and Missouri.  That was really cool because I got to see Holly Cunningham on T.V. a couple times while she and her team were competing.  There was also a soccer game on another T.V.  It turned out to be a really great lunch hour.  Later that day I went back to Lodi to see the baptism of Juan Carlos.  The baptism went really well.  Unfortunately there weren't a lot of members from the branch there but it was great to be back and a part of the baptism.  I was very happy to talk to Juan Carlos again and see him get baptized.  He is a very solid guy and will go far in the future.
Our investigators have been slowly progressing as well.  We are still working with Heriberta.  Her brother and sister in law are progressing very nicely.  They have felt the spirit a lot during lessons and while reading the Book of Mormon. They are very excited to come to church next week.  We also found a lady named Navidad in Folsom this week.  She has been taught in the past because her best friend is a member down there.  On Friday morning her friend called us and said that Navidad's husband was just deported and she's really sad and it would be a good time to visit her.  We stopped by and talked to her for a while about the gospel and she really calmed down.  She says she wants to keep learning and coming to church so we'll see where that takes us.
In the ward right after ours, there were two elders that gave their farewells and are going to the Colorado Springs, CO Mission! A lot of members knew that's where I'm from so after church they told me to go say hi to them.  One of them is going Spanish speaking and he was really cool.  He probably won't be anywhere near where we live but I told him to watch out for any Gaskills.  I didn't get to meet the other one but hopefully I will get to see him next Sunday before he leaves.  But if you ever have any missionaries in the area from Placerville/El Dorado, you'll know it's this elder that's just about to start his mission.
That's about all for this week! Hope everyone is doing well.  The work is going forward! A lot of the missionaries next to me are talking about all the missions that are being created right now.  Do your best to share the gospel! The world needs it.
Les Quiero Mucho!
Elder Gaskill

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