Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Email from last week that we didn't receive until this week.

Hello Everyone!
This week was another good week!

My favorite part of the week is that we finally found Zaida again on Tuesday and scheduled to have a lesson with her on Saturday.  We were super happy.  She told us she had been really sad recently because of the loss of her foster child son but that she had still been reading the Book of Mormon which made us really happy.  She told us that her brother who is really anti-mormon had been trying to take away all the things she was reading but stood up to her brother and told her "even if you take the pamphlets and book  I can still get more, there is an unlimited supply".  He stopped and backed off but she still only likes to meet with us on Saturdays since her brother doesn't leave the house on Saturdays because he's a 7th Day Adventist, so she feels safe meeting with us then.  She also told us that she had had a dream the night before we came that she had to take some things to the bank and on the way to the bank she looked out her car window and saw us, the missionaries, knocking on doors and it made her feel really bad that she hadn't called us back and tried to get in touch with us recently.  So it was a good thing we showed up when we did. 

 We were going to have a lesson with the Lucero family again in their home but Hermano Lucero told us last minute he forgot he had to work so we ended up going to a park.  We had a really good lesson though.  We were there about 3 hours teaching and talking and we taught Hermana Lucero a lot of things and answered all her questions which she was happy about.  We learned a lot more about her too and she has come from probably the worst background I can imagine, I started crying as she was telling us about it.  She is still really interested and everything which is really good.  I gave my favorite baptismal invitation of my mission so far; and she didn't say yes but she said she would think about it.  I'm confident she's going to be baptized and I know the restored gospel is something that's going to bless her life a lot.

This week we got to play soccer so I was really happy about that.  The Elders quorum organized an activity and we got a few investigators there so we got to play too! It had been about 8 weeks since I had played last and so I was really happy to play.  I was happy that in that 8 weeks I hadn't really missed soccer that much but it was good to play again.

We helped one of  our investigators change a transmission of a car he was working on.  We went over on Thursday and helped him take it out of the car.  Then he took it apart and showed us what was wrong with it.  There are a million pieces on the inside of it and I have no idea how he knows what it all is and where everything goes but he does.  On Friday he went and bought the part and then on Saturday we came back and helped him clean every individual piece which took a while but it was fun.  We spray painted the outside of all the parts so it looked brand new again too.  We also met his cousin and his family, who the missionaries have been looking for for a long time and so we had a really good lesson with all of them too.

Yesterday we went to the city of Wilton again which is fun.  It reminds me a lot of Black Forest (in Colorado) just because it is "country area" outside of the city.  I love going there.  We had  a referral and we stopped by for about 4 minutes but in that 4 minutes we got the lady to go from "sorry I'm catholic" to crying because she was touched by the spirit we brought when we said a prayer.  So we'll go back this next week and see if we can start teaching the family.

That's about all I've got for this week.  I heard USA beat Mexico in a soccer international friendly this past week and so I've been bringing it up with all our investigators who are soccer fans from Mexico.  Sad I missed the game but happy we won!
Hope everything is well with everyone!

Les Quiero,
Elder Gaskill

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