Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Busy Week

Hello Everybody!
I don't have a lot of time to write emails this week but I will include a couple things before I get going.
So we got our transfer calls last night and Elder Austin is leaving to go right next door on the other side of the freeway to a branch called Sacramento 7 (which used to be a part of the ward I'm serving in now until it split about a year ago).  My new companion is going to be an Elder named Elder Sarmiento, who only has a few months left in his mission and goes home in December.  He is from Peru so he speaks Spanish perfectly.  I'm really excited to be with an elder that is fluent in Spanish because that helps a lot and also someone who has a lot of time in the mission.
This week was great.  We had my first baptism of Federico Pimentel, the 9 year old kid who is part of a part member less active family.  The baptism went really well and I got to baptize him so it was awesome.  It was a day of miracles because as soon as his baptism was over we talked to his 12 year old aunt that we've been teaching named Brandi and she told us she wants to get baptized so we're going to baptize her on the 18th! Then we went over to visit Luz and Gustavo who are getting their divorce papers and we are going to get them married and baptized on the 18th as well! So we have 3 baptisms coming up in about 2 weeks.
We tried something really cool this week.  I was reading a letter from Elder Mitch Daniels about a month ago where he said his mission president asked them during weekly planning to plan for family X and family Y, two families that they weren't teaching right now that they had faith that they would find in the next week.  The next day they had 2 families they didn't know show up to church and they were blessed with two new families, family X and family Y to start teaching.  I decided I wanted to do that here so during weekly planning on Saturday Elder Austin and I planned for family X.  We planned what we would teach them this week and we planned to see them on Wednesday and Friday night.  As it turns out, we were blessed the same day to find TWO families to take family X's place.  We went to visit a potential we had and ended up finding his cousin named Misael.  Misael told us he used to go to church with the missionaries when he lived in Idaho about two years ago but lost contact with the church when he moved to Los Angeles.  He is a really nice guy and didn't come to church on Sunday but he will be a solid investigator.  Later in the night we were looking for another potential and we ended up talking to her daughter who's about 23 and son who's about 16.  We knocked on the door at about 8 at night when it was getting dark and they opened up the door and the first thing they said was "wow, you guys look really happy!".  I immediately said "That's because we are! And we're here to tell you how you can be as happy as we are".  We talked to them for a while and they were really interested and told us they had friends who were Mormon and wanted to know more.  They told us they were going to come to church but had a couple things they needed to do so they weren't sure.  They ended up not coming and we have a return to go see them Friday night so we'll find out then what happened.  The coolest part about the whole thing was that the returns we got with Misael, and Maria and Andres happened to be the exact same times we had planned to go see "family X".  We were extremely blessed and it was cool to see that miracle.  I hope everything turns out well with these people we added!
I don't have too much more time and I still need to write to the mission president, sooo until next week!
Los Quiero,
Elder Gaskill

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