Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Transfer Week and Mother's Day

So we got to talk to John on Mother's Day via skype for an hour.  It was so wonderful to see and talk to him!  As he mentions in his letter, his brothers and sister were playing around with the visual effects on skype, which was distracting.  But for me, talking to John was the best Mother's Day gift ever!

This week has been lots of fun like they all are.
On Saturday we had a ward party for mother's day which was a lot of fun.  We didn't get home until 10 when we should be back between 8:30 and 9 but it was all fun.  There were a dad and his daughter who did a lot of traditional Latino dances from the different parts of Mexico and I took videos of some and sent them home.  That was really cool to see.  There were various people who debuted talents in the talent show, lots of dancing, and some singing too.  One of the ward members, Hermano Ramirez de Peru cooked all the food and he's an extremely good cook so that was really good.
Sunday we got to skype our families which was really nice, except mine was more interested in the skype effects than who they were skyping but it was good to be able to talk face to face with my family for about an hour.
I just finished my first transfer here and all the transfer calls went out yesterday so we found out who all is leaving.  Our district leader Elder Pickering is leaving to be a Zone Leader in South Sacramento which I'm sad about because I like him a lot and we get along really well.  A lot of the elders are staying because there are 3 of us being trained in our zone so we have to stay with our trainers for another transfer.  Elder Grow is coming back to take Elder Pickering's place.  It is really weird that that's happening because Elder Grow was in my area for 4 transfers (he has only been in the mission 5 transfers) and he's already coming back just to a different area in the same district.  Sister Novakovich is going to East Sacramento and her companion, Sister Landon is training! There are 2 new Spanish sisters coming to the mission this transfer and one of them is from Colorado Springs.  It would be interesting if she gets trained down here and we can talk about back home.  I saw her name once at the mission office and I didn't recognize it so I don't think it's anyone I've ever met but she's from the same place. And last of all....Elder Guzman (my companion) is going to be our new district leader! I'm really happy and excited for him.  I think he will be awesome.  The only thing I'm not excited for is I will have to go on exchanges a lot because the district leader is supposed to go on exchanges with every missionary at least once each transfer.  We'll see how things turn out this new transfer.
Today we have P-day on Tuesday which is different but it will happen every transfer week.  We went bowling as a zone this morning and that was fun but I didn't play.  I didn't want to waste my money on bowling so I just watched everybody else play.  No other exciting plans today, maybe zone sports if our zone leaders decide to be cool today, and grocery shopping.  Hopefully there will be time after that to write letters.
I hope everyone is doing well outside of my small world here in Sacramento. I miss you all!
Les Quiero
-Elder Gaskill

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  1. We were skyping with Evan at around 6:00 MT and he said he could see all his BYU friends who were on missions signing onto Skype while we were talking. He thought it was funny to see all his friends pop up on the "signing on" screen. Glad your phone call went well! I'm enjoying John's letters.