Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Investigators at Church!

We got the Familia Guzman to church!

That was a big miracle for us this week.  We didn't get them all there but we got Rosalia (mom), Angela (10), Juanito (8), Pollito/Evilyn (3), and Evana (1).  Hermano Guzman and Ariana worked in the pulga so they couldn't come but we had some investigators to church so that was awesome.  They didn't have a ride either so we spent all morning looking for a ride.   Normally we can get investigators rides with 2 families in our area but one of them is in Mexicali right now and the other had already promised her family that she would cook a lot of food and go to their party with them.  We couldn't find anyone so we went over to see Marta even though she said she had to cook but when we explained the situation to her there was no way she could say no.  She's the best; she has such a strong testimony too.  Marta is the lady that we found who was baptized in Honduras about 13 years ago but when she moved to the United States 9 years ago she didn't know where the church was.  One day we found her and now she's coming back to church! But we finally got some investigators to church which is really hard to do here.  Elder Guzman and I also went to the pulga to look for them and that was a lot of fun.  The pulga is just the flea market but it looks a lot like a fair in Colorado where people pay to have spots and then they sell whatever they want to people that come.  It was cool to walk around and see what everyone was selling but we definitely stood out.  I wish they did the pulga on Mondays so we could go on our P-day and buy stuff but it's only Sundays.  Anyway, we got most of familia Guzman to church and they committed to be baptized on June 16th.  Before then we have to get the parents married so I'm going into wedding planner mode for the next few weeks.  We went to another wedding the other day and that was cool.  I didn't know the people but Elder Grow and Elder Guzman knew the bride.

One day this week we were driving home and were stopped at a red light and this man and lady were crossing the street and the guy looked at us and yelled "hey are you guys Mormon?" and when we told them we were hey asked us what ward we went to.  We told him we went to the Spanish ward and asked him if he was a member to which he said he wasn't.  So we asked him if we could get his information.  We pulled over and gave us his information and told us to come to his house and do a bible study with him and he also wants help learning Spanish.  Unfortunately we have to pass him off to the zone leaders since he speaks English but that was a really cool experience.

We're going to have a zone conference tomorrow and it will be my first one so I'm excited for that.
I've been trying to take lots of pictures and such and I'll send my next memory card home today so look forward to some more pictures!
Hope everyone is doing well and I miss you all!

Les Quiero!
-Elder Gaskill

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