Thursday, March 15, 2012

6 Weeks and MTC Life Goes On...

Buenos Dias Todo!

It's hard to believe that I only have a little bit of time left at the MTC.  I feel like I've been here a long time and I know everything about the MTC and it's become my home but it's really only been about 6 weeks.  We get to host the new missionaries that come on Wednesday which you only get to do for your last 2 Wednesdays in the MTC, and that's how we know we're close to leaving.  I'm excited to host this week though! Daniel is coming and I really hope I get to show him around and host him when he gets here.  Tell that to Daniel.  I wrote him a letter earlier today but didn't find out until after I sent it that we would be hosting.

This week we had a funny story with Elder Jackson.  Out of the blue he asked Elder Perez and I about the Crips who are a pretty big gang in the United States.  We convinced him that the Crips were a gang for people who have disabilities.  We also told him that Helen Keller founded the gang.  I don't know why anyone would believe that but he did and it was very hard for Elder Perez and I not to laugh as we were making this story up.  One of these days we'll tell him that we were messing with him.

Elder Perez has informed me that I have a ghost trying to kill me at night because every night I "kick" violently and it shakes the whole bed so it wakes him up.  I usually remember it happening because about an hour after I went to bed I wake up and feel like I had never been asleep and don't know why.  We'll see if the ghost continues to haunt me while I'm here.

I got new shoes in the mail last week from Grandma and they are awesome.  I like them a lot.  They have some bright neon green/yellow in there so they stand out.  Elder Perez's shoes have a lot of the same color so people like to watch us juggling a ball or playing soccer when we're in the gym.

This week I was informed I also look like Hugh Jackman during gym, not just Tom Cruise.  My hair was getting really long and I was messing with it during gym and it stood straight up and I didn't get to see it until after but it looked pretty good.  I took a picture of it and I'm sending the SD card home this week so you guys will get to see some more pictures and what my hair looked like.  Elder Perez and I got haircuts today and they took away all of our hair.  Our hair is now the shortest it has ever been for both of us.  It's different.

Our companionship might be singing as part of the MTC choir in one of the sessions of general conference.  We were informed that there would be a choir and they were asking for everybody's singing experience so hopefully we get selected to be in the choir.  Elder Perez and Elder Jackson are both very good singers and sang in high school and college but I just have the voice of an angel without practice so hopefully we'll all get to go.

Austin and Jessika came to visit Kenny during our temple walk on Sunday and the Temple Security people didn't like that very much and were pretty rude to everyone and ended up taking Elder Chatfield's badge so he had to go talk to his branch presidency to get it back.  It was good to see them but unfortunate that they had to try to get Kenny in trouble for it.

A member of our branch presidency named Brother Reynolds comes around our building at night to check up on everyone.  He got mad at Elder Perez and I  for playing with my little soccer ball and said that was against the MTC rules that we have in our white handbook (which it isn't).  We are starting to like him less and we might have some problems in the future if he tries to do anything about it.

This week I was angry with Elder Jackson and I opened my scriptures and opened straight to the section in the Topical Guide for "Murder".  The Holy Ghost works in mysterious ways but if Elder Jackson doesn't wake up one morning I guess the Holy Ghost will justify whatever happened (: haha.

Good to hear from everyone and that everyone is doing well! Keep the letters coming, I love hearing everybody's stories.  Oh also tell my friend Tim to send me a letter so I know what his address is.  I've been wanting to hear from him but I don't know his address in Provo.  Also thanks for the package!  You guys are the best.

Les Amo!
- Elder John Gaskill

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