Friday, March 9, 2012

5 Weeks at the MTC! See photos from last week!

Hello Everybody!

Not too much has happened this week so this might be shorter than normal but I will try to make it as exciting as I can.

We finally got a new investigator this week that isn't one of our teachers.  His name is Daniel and he is the most difficult investigator in all of the TRC (Training Resource Center) from what we've heard.  I'm excited though and can't wait to progress with him.  He loves to talk so it's hard to get a word in but we're working on it.  In our last visit Elder Jackson got mad an initiated and argument with him which definitely killed the spirit but it didn't end badly so we'll see how our next visit tomorrow goes.
I planned my first wedding! Sort of.  One of our investigators is living with her "esposa" even though they're not married so we have to get them married before she is baptized on Saturday so we had to plan a wedding for her.  I'm pretty much a pro at planning weddings now so if anyone needs help, I'm the man to go to....

This week was really sad because our favorite district left.  Elders Dever, Christiansen, Peterman, Tahlman, and Beasley left.  I got really close to a lot of them and I am really sad to see them leave.  Now that all my friends that have been here longer than me are gone, I get to be the friend who is a good example to all the younger (time at the MTC wise) ones.  I took a lot of pictures with my friends before they left so when I send the next batch of pictures home you guys will get to see them all.
This week Alex Boye came and spoke to us for a devotional.  I don't know if you know who he is, I didn't.  He's a black guy from England who is a convert to the church and is a professional singer.  He was hilarious and sang for us and was really good.  Look him up if you have time.

I don't know if you got the message from Grandma but I destroyed my running shoes this week.  I was playing volleyball and a ball got hit out of bounds and I chased it down and then planted my foot to cut and my foot went right through the side of the shoe.  So now there is a gap about 10 inches wide in the side of my left shoe.  I took lots of pictures so you can see how it looks when I send those home.

We have had some really nice weather this week.  On Monday it was really warm and sunny and we spent a lot of the day outside with our teaching appointments and doing our personal and language studies outside.  That was the first time I missed the outside world because I missed a lot of the good times I have had in Utah over the past year and a half-ish.  Warm weather is good for most people but it's bad for me because it makes me miss the good old days. Right now I'm living the good new days, so it's a trade off between the two.

We did another 3 day Spanish fast this week and as an incentive to not speak English we kept track of how many times people spoke in English and we're going to play butts up later today for every time each person spoke in English.  For those of you who don't know what butts up is, it's a soccer game.  One person stands on a line with their back facing everyone else and the rest of the people kick balls at them.  So for every time each of us spoke in English we will play butts up that many times.  It was a really good incentive and none of us said too much in English this week.

Well that's pretty much all that I have for this week that's new.  Thanks for the package with the soccer ball, and other goodies.  I am really enjoying all of it.  It's good to hear how well everyone is doing.  I hope Hannah had an awesome birthday and was sad that I couldn't be there but I told everyone here that it was my sister Hannah's birthday so everyone knew.  Good luck to Jackson in all things swimming! I'm sure if he tries hard enough he can outdo Forrest in no time.  I love getting letters from each of you hearing how you're doing each week.  Ha-ha mom I laugh every time you tell me that you haven't mailed my bedding yet.  There's nothing I need for you to include with it but if you want to surprise me with something I wouldn't be sad! A letter or anything is always a way to brighten my day.  I hope the best for everyone and you are all in my prayers every night and throughout the day (we say a lot of prayers here).

Les Amo!
- Elder John Gaskill

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