Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hard Work Goes On


This week has been another crazy week and especially today.  Things are changing a lot for the better here in El Dorado.  We are getting a lot of members to come and help us teach and are finding a lot more people through the help of the members.  We feel very blessed and are very excited to continue working hard.

I will share I lesson I learned this week.  The week went very well.  The number of things we've done such as lessons with and without members, new investigators, referrals, etc. we did extremely well and had success this area has not seen in a long time.  We have a lot of investigators progressing.  Everything went really well the whole week until Sunday morning.  We went to go visit Heriberta and Cristian in the morning to make sure they were going to get to church on time.  Heriberta told us that she has decided she's not going to come to church anymore.  She doesn't like having to force her kids to come and wants to decide if the church is really for her (ironically by separating herself from it).  She has kind of just given up and there was nothing we could do in the moment to fix it (although we tried very hard).  Then we tried with Cristian and he said he still doesn't know if he should be baptized.  On top of that he can't come to church now that Heriberta isn't coming because his dad is very controlling and won't let him drive the car and won't let anyone besides Heriberta take him to church.  We decided to go try our luck with the Rodriguez family.  The night before we had taught them and they said they would come if their family (who are members) were coming.  We called their family and they said that they would talk to them and help them get to church in the morning.  However when we stopped by in the morning they said they weren't coming because their family was going to go to work and they had other plans.  After admitted defeat there we went to go stop by our members house to see if we could get them before they left for work, but we were too late.  By the end of those 2 hours I was sad, disappointed, and without hope.  I tried my best to stay positive so my companion wouldn't be unhappy about it but it was difficult. 

We got to church and I had an amazing experience.  My testimony grew so much that day about how much Heavenly Father knows each one of His children.  The talks given in Sacrament Meeting were phenomenal, and it was one of the times I have felt the Spirit the strongest in a sacrament meeting.  I learned so much and need to get a written copy of one of the talks because it was amazing.  If we had members and investigators there, I would have had to translate the whole meeting and wouldn't have been able to pay attention to the message that was shared.  However, because no one was there, my investigators weren't weighing upon my mind and I was immensely blessed.  Although it was a sad church day in the missionary sense, it was a day I will never forget where my testimony was greatly blessed.  And this week we will continue forward and start making more progress with our investigators.

What we did today during P-day was great as well. As a zone we went to Ice House Lake which is really close to the border of the mission.  It reminded me a lot of Rampart Reservoir up in Woodland Park and made me think of home.  It was great to be able to spend the day hiking, talking to some good friends, and taking a break for but just a moment from the normal missionary labors.

I am so grateful for my time to serve the Lord and be a missionary and I hope my comments can bless the lives of some unknowing reader.

Les Quiero Mucho and I hope that things are well wherever this email finds everyone!
Elder Gaskill

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