Monday, June 18, 2012

Sports Injuries

I hope everyone is doing well! Right now I can't think of anything that happened this past week because we just got done playing basketball and I got hit pretty hard in the head.  I'm sure it will all come back to me as I try and think about it for a little while.

We did more exchanges this week since this transfer is about to end and I probably had one of my best days of the mission with Elder Luttrell.  We went to visit a girl named Catarina and she is really cool.  She's really hard to find because she's an awesome soccer mom (but for kids that play football).  She loves talking to the missionaries even though her catholic husband calls her a traitor for talking to us.  She says she loves everything we say and knows it's true.  We caught her that day as she was about to leave.  She told us come back tomorrow but she wanted us to go see her younger brother and his girlfriend who are about to have a baby.  We went over there and talked to them.  They are really cool and want our help in making their home a nice place where God has a big role to play in their soon to be son's life.  We also had this lesson with a 14 year old kid named Juan, his mom, and his friend Luiz who is 11.  They were really interested in everything we said and said they want to be baptized and come to church and everything.  They really liked me too because I like to play soccer and I guess I work really well with kids which makes sense because I love kids.  Right when we were about to leave another neighbor kid came over and found out I played soccer and that we play every Thursday and asked me if I would come talk to his dad.  So we went over to his house and talked to his dad.  The dad was really impressed with us because his son doesn't listen to anything he says but he saw his son sit still for over an hour listening to the message that we shared.  We played soccer the next day (Thursday) and everything went really well and the kids were pretty good soccer players! I got to talking to the 3 kids’ dads (3 different dads) and I got them to open up and talk to the missionaries.  They said they wanted to keep coming and playing soccer.  Elder Luttrell and I had a lot of success.  Too bad it wasn't in my area.

This week we did a lot of service at a store called "Second Chance Thrift Store" where a lot of people donate items, the store sells the items, and then they use all the money to buy food that they give to the homeless people out of the back door.  We've been going there a lot to help sort through all the items that people donate.  It was a lot of fun.  There is a mountain of bags about 15 feet high and 50 feet wide so I decided to climb up to the middle and then dig a hole all the way down to the bottom, sorting through all the bags on my way down.  It was a lot of fun except there was a lot of dust so I was sneezing a lot.  The best part about the service is this place gets donations of food that they give to the homeless people as well.  When they get perishable food that they can't give away in time they call us and we come pick it up! So we get lots of food for our investigators that don't have very much money to buy food and we get a little bit of food ourselves.

A kid about 12 years old asked me if I was Mexican this week and I just replied "Do I look Mexican?" to which he said "No, but you speak Spanish really well so I thought you were Mexican".  So the good news is my Spanish is slowly but surely increasing!

From the Work standpoint of things it's not going too well right now.  Familia Guzman didn't come to church this past week because the hermano was working in the pulga and we didn't have anyone else come to church either.  We're still working at it though.  Hopefully I'll have some good news on that next week.

This is the last week of the transfer so next week Elder Guzman will probably be leaving and I will probably be staying and getting a new companion but you never know, we'll find out for sure next Monday night! I won't be emailing until Tuesday next week because it's a transfer week.

I kind of had a couple minor injuries this past week but I'm used to getting beat up when I play sports so it hasn't been bad.  It's been very very hot though and I haven't enjoyed that.
Well that's about all I have to report on! I hope everyone is doing well at home!

Los Quiero!
-Elder Gaskill

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